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MEP SYSTEMS PTE LTD, established in the year 2005, is a holding company and currently has 2 subsidiaries in Singapore and a production plant in Qidong, China.

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MEP Deck Solutions Pte Ltd

  • Sales & Marketing of Marine and Offshore products & equipment

Mordec International Pte Ltd

  • Design and Engineering of MORDEC and VELOCITY equipment

Sin Seng Huat Machinery Manufacture (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

  • Production of marine & offshore equipment

MEP is a leading one-stop Systems Provider of Towing, Mooring and Lifting Systems for the Marine and Offshore industry. We specialize in the customized Design Engineering and Manufacture of equipment and provide Technical Support and After-Sales Services supported by a Maintenance Program for our customers. We are also in the business of Distribution and Supply of operating products and hardware for the anchoring, towing and mooring systems.

MEP has been committed to providing high quality products and the highest level of    customer service.
We value our customers and look forward to our continued partnership.

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