MORDEC Brake Test Kit – Mooring Winch allows your vessels to conduct the Brake Holding Test and the Brake Rendering Test for their mooring winches.

  • Its Compact Design is constructed for one person to install and operate
  • The Pressure Gauge is calibrated such that no conversion is required

MORDEC Brake Test Kit – Mooring Winch simulates the load on the line by means of a hydraulic cylinder jack, producing a torque on the winch drum.

Its compact design is suitable to conduct:

Brake Holding Test

  • To ensure brakes will hold at a given load

Brake Rendering Test

  • To ensure brakes act as a safety device for mooring lines.
  • To ensure brakes will render (slip) to allow the lines to shed its load before it breaks



ISGOTT & OCIMF requires all Tankers to test the brakes of their mooring winch annually.

Bulk Carriers and Container Ships are required to provide the Brake Test Reports for organizations such as Pilbara Ports Authority, BHP Billiton, RightShip Survey and Green Award.

Insurance companies including North P&I and Steamship Mutual also require the test reports on an annual or bi-annual basis.