Mordec Chock Wedge is designed to prevent mooring ropes from wear and damage. The polyurethane material protects the ropes from abrasion due to the sharp edges and uneven surface of the chock.

Mordec Chock Wedge should be in all vessels equipped with HMPE, Dyneema or Double Braided Mooring Ropes.

Its compact design is made to fit perfectly with the Deck Mounted Chocks or Bulwark Chocks fabricated under the ISO standards or JIS standards. It is also designed to fit into the Chocks in accordance to the ETA/SPM requirements.

Mooring Rope with Mordec Chock Wedge Protection

Benefits & Advantages

  • Increase operating lifespan of mooring ropes
  • Significantly reduce rope wear and abrasion
  • Reduce friction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation – No hot works or dry docking
  • Light Weight
  • Pull Load Test inspected and witnessed by

Mooring Rope without Polymer Inserts

  • Mooring Ropes are subject to wear and damage from abrasion with the chock.

2018, MEG4 Guidelines

  • Panama Chocks or Closed Chocks should be fitted with stainless steel or polymer inserts or liners to protect the mooring ropes.